[riot-users] RPL/UDP for msp430 platformst

Oleg Hahm oliver.hahm at inria.fr
Tue Aug 11 11:05:45 CEST 2015

Hi Caroline!

> But I was wondering if I can use this code on platforms as for example on
> Zolertia. But I can't build my code for Zolertia board as I get an error
> saying "region 'ram' overflowed" (same for region 'rom').
> Is my code not adapted to small platforms or is it due to the implementation
> of the network stack in RIOT ?

Actually making things more memory efficient was one of the motivations to
start work on the new network stack. In general, we're aiming to make it
possible to run an RPL/UDP application on smaller platforms such as the Z1,
too. With the old network this is difficult, if not impossible, and manual
tweaking all over the place is required.

I could give you some advices where to save some memory, but my recommendation
is: wait until the end of this week and use the new (gnrc) network stack.
We're about to merge the porting of RPL to gnrc this week (see
https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/3050). (Thanks, Cenk, for the great

> I can see in the branch master that you have done a lot of new improvements
> on networking (ng_*) but as the example in examples/ng_networking is
> described for RIOT native, is it possible to use the same kind of things for
> Zolertia or other platforms ?

As I wrote: yes, that's definitely intended and we're optimistic to get the
full new stack ready and stable by the end of this month.

printk(KERN_DEBUG "%s: I'm broken.\n", dev->name);
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