[riot-users] TR: Crash HelloWorld project in Native Board

Ludwig Ortmann ludwig.ortmann at fu-berlin.de
Tue Jan 20 18:13:00 CET 2015


Did you install all the 32 bit libraries (compare wiki)?
Which version of mint?
Which compiler?

Cheers, Ludwig

Am 20. Januar 2015 17:28:27 MEZ, schrieb Etienne SOREL <ESOREL at capsys.eu>:
>I'm evaluate RIOT Os, and I installed the environnement on Linux Mint
>(with Eclipse and command line).
>Not having boards I'm starting by compiled the helloWorld project for
>Native target.
>I compiled the helloworld project with success, but when I try to
>execute the program, it crash during the startup before the main.
>The crash is due to undefined macro named "RTLD_NEXT" in
>"_native_init_syscalls" method that is called just after the startup
>It seems the "__USE_GNU" macro is not defined in the project to enable
>the "RTLD_NEXT" macro. Is it right and normal or is it an another
>problem ?
>May I have some help about that ?
>Thanks in advance
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