[riot-users] No hwtimer left

Kaspar Schleiser kaspar at schleiser.de
Mon Jul 13 11:22:11 CEST 2015


On 07/13/15 10:46, Laura Jane Martinus wrote:
> http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/840499/RIOT-Tutorial . When I type
> "make all term" at the default examples I receive the error
> No hwtimer left
> RIOT/examles/default/bin/native/default/elf: ltc4150_enable_int: hwtimer_set
> make: *** [term] Error 1
> Do you have any suggestions on how to correct this?
Try to comment out these lines from the Makefile
(examples/default/Makefile) and recompile:

(they're lines 53 to 56 in master)

 53 ifneq (,$(filter native,$(BOARD)))
 54 ›   USEMODULE += ltc4150
 55 ›   USEMODULE += random
 56 endif

This will disable the emulation of an energy monitor chip, which you
probably don't need.

The problem is cause by a recent switch to native that makes it
effectively only have one "hwtimer" which is being used up be the
software timer multiplexer ("vtimer"), and ltc4150's native driver
hard-exiting when it cannot get a timer.


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