[riot-users] transceiver's driver support for Arudino mega 2560

Kaspar Schleiser kaspar at schleiser.de
Wed Jun 17 08:54:46 CEST 2015

Hi Xili,

On 06/17/15 03:49, Xili Wan wrote:
>     Actually, we have a Xbee transceiver hardware attached to
> Arduino-mega2560. My question is that "Does RIOT has the driver support for
> some transceiver hardware (for example, Xbee transceiver) for Arduino mega
> 2560 boards?".
RIOT's design has architecture-independent drivers. Xbee is supported.
You should be able to use this combination.

That said, the network stack is in flux right now. While link-layer
communication should work rather nice, higher layers, e.g., 6lowpan, are
in stabilzation phase right now.

> For the board "Atmel samr21 xplained pro" you recommend,  the supported
> platform table (https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/RIOT-Platforms) says
> this board's support status is "In Progress". I don't know whether we can
> choose this or not.
A lot of core devs are using the samr21, so it's probably the most
supported board wrt networking.


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