[riot-users] transceiver with STM32F103CB ARM micro -- new platform questions

John Griessen john at ecosensory.com
Mon Nov 2 16:51:14 CET 2015

Oleg Hahm wrote  Fri Sep 18:

"Hi John!

Sorry for the late response.

 > The MSB-iot has all the features I want and more, so it would be good to
 > reduce down from, but I don't find the documentation of it yet.  Is it an
 > open design?  The software is GPL...

The MSB-IoT is a platform designed by FU Berlin for research. I don't know if
the design is open, but you could try to contact Dr. Achim Liers [1] who designed
the board"

Thanks.  I'm very late also -- I found your response in the archives -- missed emails those days, I guess.

"> For example, what is different from the above platform capabilities compared
 > to a spark core with STM32F103CB @$5/100 pcs. cortex M3, 20kb RAM 128kb
 > flash
 > (sounds spartan).

Do I understand your question correctly that you want to know the impact of
amount of memory and clock speed on energy consumption and performance? "

I am simply looking for a guide to making a platform that will run RIOT with the recent stable release
without running out of memory.  After that, I am interested in studying RIOT code
to learn about easy ways to sleep and slow the clock for power savings while still
listening with a 900MHz radio.

Then maybe I can become more of a contributor of code and open hardware modules.

John Griessen

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