[riot-users] Using CC110x on STM32F4 and implementing 6lowpan

Kaspar Schleiser kaspar at schleiser.de
Thu Nov 26 19:34:24 CET 2015

Hey Piotr,

On 11/26/15 15:28, Piotr Brzezinski wrote:
> So how should i do it? A small sample application would be very heplfull,

I'm assuming you're still trying to get cc110x + sixlowpan working.

1. create a file "cc110x_params.h" and put it in your board's include/
directory. See "boards/msba2/include/cc110x_params.h" as example. You
have to put the right parameters for your board.

2. Add these lines to your board's Makefile.include:

ifneq (,$(filter gnrc_netif_default,$(USEMODULE)))
    USEMODULE += cc110x gnrc_netdev2 gnrc_cc110x

3. Append these lines to Makefile.dep:

ifneq (,$(filter cc110x,$(USEMODULE)))
    DISABLE_MODULE += gnrc_sixlowpan_iphc

4. make clean all flash term ...

The next steps depend on whether your board has an implementation of
cpuid. Check that by typing "ifconfig" and see whether
"fe80::201:203:405:607/64" is every node's link-local address.
If they're different and unique, continue at step 6. Otherwise, manually
set new addresses:

5. on each node, enter these lines:

ifconfig 7 del fe80::201:203:405:607
ifconfig 7 set addr <n>
ifconfig 7 add fe80::<n>

(replace <n> with any hex number from 1 to fe)

After the nodes should be able to ping each other at fe80::<n>.

6. on one node, type:
udp server start 12345

7. on another node, type:
udp send <other-node-ip> 12345 TEST
(replace <other-node-ip> ...)

Good luck!

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