[riot-users] CC1101 or similar transceiver with STM32 ARM micro -- new platform questions

John Griessen john at ecosensory.com
Sat Sep 5 02:07:30 CEST 2015

I've added sensor board code to TinyOS and am now wanting to make a new platform
with mechanical details and radio different than ones I have used so far such as telos-b.

I noticed the limifrog and mulle seemed good to copy parts of, but then they do not publish
schematics, so maybe they do not want copying.

I'd like to reuse code as much as possible, so basing my platform on existing tested STM32 platforms could be good.

The MSB-iot has all the features I want and more, so it would be good to reduce down from,
but I don't find the documentation of it yet.  Is it an open design?  The software is GPL...
but I'm not finding ways to build on previous hardware platforms easily.

So, if I want to use the same chips and software as MSB-iot, do I need to figure out the schematic
to connect them up from scratch?  MSB-iot uses a STM32F415RG @$10/100, 192kb RAM 1024kb flash
(sounds luxurious).

Is there any write up about trade offs of using less or more memory or clock speed?
For example, what is different from the above platform capabilities compared to a spark core with
STM32F103CB @$5/100 pcs. cortex M3, 20kb RAM 128kb flash  (sounds spartan).

Are platform questions like how to choose amounts of flash and RAM for dealing with radio OK to ask on the devel list?

Thanks,  John Griessen

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