[riot-users] Minimize code size for spark core

Andreas Zoor andreaszoor at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 14:52:07 CEST 2015

When i add the upd module to my RIOT application, the size of the code
raises up to 114 kB.
I compile it for the spark core which have a 128 kB flash memory. But the
firmware for the spark
already uses 20 KB, so the code size is to big.

I've seen when i add the upd module to the hello world example and compile
it for the spark, the code size raises up to 100 kB.
Is there a way to minimize the code size and use the upd module?

I also recognized that some drivers like the uart drivers use floating
point operations, which is horrible for the code size because the ARM
Cortex M3 processor of the spark haven't a floating point unit so the
operations must be simulated by software.
Does exist a fix for that in newer versions?


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