[riot-users] Multihop Network

Santiago Bragagnolo santiago.bragagnolo at inria.fr
Mon Sep 21 12:20:07 CEST 2015

Hi all! 

I am quite new in this brave new world of IOT. Sorry if the question then is maybe trivial. 

I am looking for a solution for sending a packet from a node to an other through an other node using a wireless radio connection. For this I'am using iot-lab platform (iot-lab.info), working strictly with M3 cortex based nodes. 

These nodes of course will not be in direct range, and that is why i need a multihop network. 

Then my question is how to build up a network in between different IOT nodes and finally being able to send packets. 

I already tried searching in google and in the documentation, and the best link I arrived is the following : 

from the following conversation: 

I understand that desvirt creates a virtual network for me, but i cannot arrive to understand how to deploy that into a real set of nodes, since it looks more as a simulation than to a real deployment. 

If any one can give me a better clue about how to solve this problem it would be great. 

Thank you very much! 


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