[riot-users] Minimize code size for spark core

Hauke Petersen hauke.petersen at fu-berlin.de
Thu Sep 24 13:20:19 CEST 2015

Hej Andreas,

sorry for the late reply.

On 18.09.2015 11:37, Oleg Hahm wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
>> I've seen when i add the upd module to the hello world example and compile
>> it for the spark, the code size raises up to 100 kB.
>> Is there a way to minimize the code size and use the upd module?
> for clarification did you try with gnrc_udp on (more or less) current master?
I am wondering how your code-size did explode this much - when I build 
the `examples/gnrc_networking` example for the spark core, I end up with 
~60K of used ROM (and this includes RPL). Although this does not include 
any radio driver, it should leave plenty of memory for a driver and some 
application code... Are you using the CC3000 as network interface? And 
which driver are you using it with?
>> I also recognized that some drivers like the uart drivers use floating
>> point operations, which is horrible for the code size because the ARM
>> Cortex M3 processor of the spark haven't a floating point unit so the
>> operations must be simulated by software.
>> Does exist a fix for that in newer versions?
> Very valid point. Just talked to Hauke and there should be fix for that. Stay
> tuned.
You are completely right, these were some leftovers from our first 
porting attempts to this CPUs... I created fixes for these issues PRs 
#3893 to # 3897 [1].


[1] https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/3893
> Cheers,
> Oleg
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