[riot-users] Platform with no UART stdio

Michael Andersen michael at steelcode.com
Mon Jan 25 03:39:04 CET 2016


I am very new to RIOT, and I don't yet know my way around the code, so
sorry if this is an easy question.

I am trying to create a platform based on the samd21 that has no UART for
stdio. Unfortunately its seems a uart stdio is pretty much assumed through
a lot of the code. What is the cleanest way to prevent things like
uart_stdio_init from being invoked by newlib/syscalls.c::_init() ?

There must be some kind of mechanism because I don't think the native
platform takes that code path.

I might later add stdio based on an in-memory array manipulated over JTAG
(like SEGGER RTT), but I am not sure which layer to add this in as. Any

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