[riot-users] CoAP Servers + Border Routers on 6LoWPAN+RPL

Bruno Melo bsilva.melo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 21:00:39 CET 2016

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Hello RIOTers,

I'm finally reaching to the mailing list to ask for some help, after a few
days lurking around both users and devel mailling lists as well as Github
notifications from the project.

I've seen a lot of keywords out there (e.g.: desvirt, ethos/ethos_br,
tun/tap devices, ZEP, marz, tunslip, ...), but I'm still unable to figure
out the best way I could achieve the following scenario I want to build.

Just to provide context/motivation, and to present a few limitations as
well, I would like to say:
- I want to build this because it seems to cover, on a very general way, a
typical scenario of distributed CoAP nodes forming a LoWPAN using the IETF
stack (CoAP+UDP+RPL+6LoWPAN+802.15.4);
- For my master thesis I want to investigate security scenarios/issues on
IoT, and at least initially, I would like to do that with RIOT (great open
source project, congratz guys!).
- *I believe this scenario would allow me to do this investigation over the
whole stack of protocols, with nodes taking different roles and so on*;
- I would really like a way to accomplish this --- or some closely-related
form --- using only native, because we're very *limited on re$ource$*, but
if needed we could try to buy some samr21-xpro (which seems to be the most
developed in RIOT right now) or some cheaper hardware to use with XBee
shields (or any other suggestion from you guys);

Basically, this is the scenario I have in mind:

‚ÄčIs that possible/feasible? What would be the best (or at least
least-problematic) way to achieve that given my thoughts above?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the massive blob of a mail,
Bruno Melo.

Ps.: I was also able to run RIOT on Cooja, but as far as I understand I
would have to develop a lot on Cooja to support the network interactions I
would like to see (and also support a board to which I can compile CoAP
server applications, since telosb doesn't even have netif nor memory, from
what I understood). This could be a way to go, but not my preferred one.
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