[riot-users] IPv6 address generation.

Martine Lenders mlenders at inf.fu-berlin.de
Wed May 11 20:54:51 CEST 2016

Hi Mateusz,
did you define the CPUID_LEN macro? Without it the address won't be
configured in [1]. It also has to be > 0 obviously.



2016-05-11 20:16 GMT+02:00 Mateusz Kubaszek <mathir.km.riot at gmail.com>:

> > *The addresses *should* still be based on the CPU ID, so it would be great
> *>
> *if you would tell us what hardware you are using (both MCU and radio).*Thank you Martine for your reply.
> I am using my custom EFM32WG port with CC1101 radio driver. Function for getting the CPU ID is implemented,
> but it is never called by the program. My application is based on gnrc_networking example.
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