[riot-users] Questions about NDN applications in RIOT

Thomas C. Schmidt t.schmidt at haw-hamburg.de
Sun Dec 17 16:59:35 CET 2017

Hi Joakim,

there is quite a large amount of work done in this direction - and a lot 
of discussions going on.

Two implementations are maintained - NDN for RIOT and CCN-lite for RIOT 
- the former is done by UCL, the latter by Cenk (HAW Hamburg).

Berlin & Hamburg is currently executing the project I3 
(http://i3.realmv6.org/) where many of the aspects you mention are 
addressed - see this year's papers + demo at the ICN conference:

ICNRG (https://trac.ietf.org/trac/irtf/wiki/icnrg) is also a good place 
to look at - many discussions go on there. Of particular interest are 
the documents:

  * https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-gundogan-icnrg-ccnlowpan/
  * https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-gundogan-icnrg-pub-iot/
(both in the process of updating)

Within the next few days we will also release a pre-print to the archive 
that discusses naming + pub-sub in the IoT.

Any further discussion and contact is very welcome!


On 17/12/2017 14:05, Joakim Nohlgård wrote:
> Hi RIOTers,
> I have found an interest in NDN in IoT scenarios and I have some 
> questions which I haven't been able to figure out on my own yet. So far, 
> I have only gathered theoretical knowledge, I have not had the 
> opportunity to do any hands on experiments yet.
> What protocols and formats are you using for the application layer data 
> in NDN deployments?
> Are there any proposals for naming conventions in sensor networks when 
> working with ICN data?
> I have seen several research articles and YouTube videos from different 
> conferences and workshops where NDN applications are using RIOT, but not 
> much discussion about the application layer data formats used or the 
> naming conventions. It seems like SenML+CBOR would be one possibility, 
> but it has quite some overhead in the description with an URN which may 
> not be necessary with named data.
> Who are working on NDN projects with RIOT?
> I know some of the Berlin people and INRIA seem involved, and some PRs 
> from UCLA (Wentao Shang) and FIU (Alex Afanasyev), so I guess there is a 
> quite widespread interest in NDN on RIOT. So what kind of experiments 
> are you doing? What is the application layer data?
> I want to explore sensor network scenarios with NDN but I don't know at 
> what point I should jump in.
> What aspects of the NDN cryptographic security options have been used 
> with RIOT so far?
> Has there been any work done on mesh networks with NDN?
> In a mutex network, the forwarded interest packet may need to bounce 
> back out the same interface that it was received from in order to reach 
> a device with the right data. Is there a risk for broadcast storms? 
> Similar to the wizards apprentice syndrome where one packet triggers 
> multiple follow up transmissions from other nodes and the network would 
> be filled with broadcasts from all nodes.
> Hoping to hear from others doing research in this area,
> Best regards,
> Joakim Nohlgård


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