[riot-users] Exchange of the transceiver module on the SAMR21 Xplained Pro Platform

Wiegel, Friedrich (IAI) friedrich.wiegel at kit.edu
Fri Feb 17 12:49:58 CET 2017

as stated above, I want to connect a powerline transceiver to samr21 Xplained Pro platform which run with RIOT OS. The Powerline transceiver is a proprietary development of the KIT, which one was developed within research work and is therefore equipped only with minimal functionalities. That means, it can only simply send and receive data. All other functions, e.g. CCA or CSMA / CA must be adopted by the software MAC.

As I understood it from [1] and [2], it is possible with the GNRC Network Stack.

That means, I can equip a very simple transceiver through the GNRC Network Stack with MAC features such as PAN setup and management as well as media access functions like CCA and CSMA / CA.

Is that correct?

Best regards,

[1]: http://page.mi.fu-berlin.de/waehl/papers/plwhb-ownsr-15.pdf
[2]: http://doc.riot-os.org/mlenders_msc.pdf

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@Hauke, @Martine,

thanks a lot both of you. I will follow your instruction as soon as I am so far.

One another question. I would like to understand how the OS is built on. This means, how the single files related to each other or how the entire structure looks like. In the rough I understand that, but many times, I have to try and failed to find it out how things relate to each other.

Are there any lecture scripts or notes, which describe the structure of the RIOT os in detail?

Best regards,

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2017-02-07 17:27 GMT+01:00 Hauke Petersen <hauke.petersen at fu-berlin.de<mailto:hauke.petersen at fu-berlin.de>>:
Hi Friedrich,

acutally what you want to do is quite simple. You actually don't even need to exchange the transceiver, you could as well run your system with both of them, the at86rf + your PLC transceivers.

So if you take the gnrc_networking example as a base, and say that your PLC driver comes with all the neccessary auto_init code and board configuration (more of this below), all you need to do is:
This will build the GNRC networking example and link your PLC transceiver right in.

One small addition to that: you also need to increase the number of interfaces in GNRC, otherwise GNRC will just pick-up one of the devices:


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