[riot-users] Struggling with QuickStart Guide on MacOS

Travis Griggs travisgriggs at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 23:45:06 CET 2017

Just joined this list and I’m trying to play with RIOT for the first time on MacOS. I'm not having luck with the quickstart guide.

First of all, i think the 2nd and 3rd steps are reversed. It seems you should cd into RIOT before doing a checkout of release.

And is this checkout step even needed? i assume latest master is correct, since there’s no hint anywhere what the LATEST_RELEASE would be.

Past that, when I run tapsetup, I first get a password prompt (I assume it needs to do sudo-ish things). And then the only thing it spits out is this:

creating bridge0
ifconfig: SIOCIFCREATE2: File exists

I’m not clear if that’s fatal or just a warning? Do I need to fix something here before I continue?

Finally, when I make all; make term, I get some warnings. The one that worries me most is:

/Users/travisg/Downloads/RIOT/cpu/Makefile.include.gnu:14: objcopy not found. Hex file will not be created.

Is that bad? Or is that OK because I’m running locally?

Anyway, right after that I get the following error:

/Users/travisg/Downloads/RIOT/examples/default/bin/native/default.elf: open(/dev/tap0): No such file or directory

This leads me to believe that there was indeed fatal problems with the tapsetup script. But I really don’t know. Any hints/pointers?

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