[riot-users] Using a W5100 with nucleo-f401...

aanno aannoaanno at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 18:51:34 CEST 2017


I would like to run the gnrc_minimal example on my nucleo-f401 board.
The board does not have ethernet BUT I use the arduino W5100 shield with
it (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoEthernetShieldV1). Hence

cd examples/gnrc_minimal
BOARD=nucleo-f401 make clean all flash term

But I see only the "RIOT network stack example application" message and
no "My address is ...".

>From compilation output it seems to be that w5100 is NOT compiled at
all. As I has expected, there is still something missing.

Here are my questions:

1. I have to tweak the build to include the w5100 compilation. How to do

2. I have to use (and initialize) the SPI1 of the nucleo-f401 board. How
to do this?

3. Finally, I have to configure that the the SPI1 of nucleo-f401 it the
'underlying' SPI of w5100 and that the w5100 should be used for
networking. How to do this?

Kind regards,


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