[riot-users] Ref. Starting with RiOT

Mauricio Giovagnini maugiovagnini at yahoo.com.ar
Fri Jun 30 02:54:26 CEST 2017

Hi all, 

My  name is Mauricio and I am new on the maillist.  I found RIOT-OS on the freenode server and I came here to know more about it.  

You have done an amazing job so far.

I read most of the website looking for where to start.  I think this it is on


I was able to download the tutorials and the vagrant file but I do not understand what to do next.  I presume the VM has everything to get started or to compile a project without having to deal with paths, different toolchains, versions, etc.  But again I am new and perhaps I am mistaken

My system is a linux debian and I have virtualbox properly installed with the extension pack.

I ran the VM and it prompts for an user and password, but I couldn't found anywhere in the documentation which user and password is.

So my questions are.

a. Is the vm then going to be a method of having all the working environment up and running just not to deal with annoying setups when one is a newbie and many things can fail?
b. Which is the user and password?

Thanks in advance!

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