[riot-users] RIOT OS 900MHz 802.15.4 platform

John Griessen john at ecosensory.com
Sat Mar 25 18:39:33 CET 2017

802.15.4 radios running at 2.4GHz seem to work for only short distances in wild locations with trees in the way, so I'd like to 
make an inexpensive platform for 900MHz/868MHz bands.  The mulle platform docs say it is incomplete here: 

Are any of the other 2.4GHz ARM platforms easy to change to a 900MHz radio such as AT86RF212b?
What other 900MHz radios should I consider?  The ST spirit radio has a contiki driver, but no riot-os.
Is anyone using the NXP/Freescale MKW01 MCU-radio chip?

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