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Olivier Fauchon ofauchon2204 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 00:40:37 CET 2018


Thanks all for your recovery methods !

At the moment, I could not yet recover any of  the broken parts.
I'll try again later.

Anyway, all these informations are really valuable.

Olivier Fauchon

Le mer. 19 déc. 2018 à 16:26, Kaspar Schleiser <kaspar at schleiser.de> a
écrit :

> Hi Olivier,
> On 12/19/18 8:07 AM, Olivier Fauchon wrote:
> > I spent a lot of time trying to save these dead MCUs.
> Did you manage to recover them?
> I was in that situation a couple of times.
> It sometimes helps to just retry flashing, hammering the reset button.
> The idea is that you want to hit reset so that the debugger tries to
> stop the MCU in the (possibly very short) timespan between power-up and
> going to sleep.
>     $ BOARD=xxx make all (to create the binary)
>     $ while true; do BOARD=xxx make flash-only; done
> This will fail on its own. Then just start pushing the reset button/pin
> often, like a couple of times per second. At this point you don't care
> if flashing succeeds, just the initial flash erase starts so on the next
> reboot, the board hard-faults but "grabbable" by the debugger.
> Once you see that the flasher didn't fail right away but managed to get
> hold of the mcu and start erasing, you can stop, reset once more and
> hopefully flash a proper image.
> Depending on the user programmer (tool), replacing "make flash-only"
> with a faster-executing flash erase command speeds up the process.
> Hope this helps,
> Kaspar
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