[riot-users] I cannot get an address from the BR

Iliyan Stoyanov ilf.stoyanov at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 01:32:14 CET 2018


I have few bluepills with at86rf212b transceivers (my design), trying to
get address from a RPi BR with another at86rf212b transceiver (OpenWRT).

When I put all devices in the same PAN i can ping the link-local addresses
and they work very well, unfortunately the RIOT nodes do not solicit Public
or ULA addresses. I can not test this with RIOT as BR, as I don't have a
device that can fit the BR example app (my Bluepills are all 64kb, not

I researched the open issues on github and saw that there is a similar
issue with Xbee and OpenLabs' transceiver. Is my issue similar and if so,
can someone point me in the right direction of fixing it, or is this
unrelated and should I open a separate issue on github?

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