[riot-users] I cannot get an address from the BR

Iliyan ILF Stoyanov ilf.stoyanov at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 17:14:01 CET 2018

Hello Sebastian,

thanks for the reply. I'm using openwrt as a BR distro with odhcpd 
handling the RA (and also dhcpv6). The setup works between a Pi-Pi 
(although my second Pi in the PAN uses dhcpv6 for getting an IP, so 
that is not a proof of a working solution so far.

I will switch SD cards later today to the raspbian distro and will 
setup a BR with radvd, just so I make sure the setup works. If 
everything works with raspbian, I'll go back to openwrt and will try to 
find the problem there. Bare with me, I might have more questions 

Thanks for the support.

On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 10:23 AM, smlng <s at mlng.net> wrote:
> Hello Iliyan,
> great to hear you're working with RIOT + LoWPAN radios! As you 
> already have a basic setup with
> link-local addresses working, the (most) tricky parts are done. To 
> get started with ULAs or real
> public/global IP(v6) addresses you could setup RADVD on the RasPi. 
> RADVD is a router advertisement
> daemon, which will answer Router-Solications (RS) by RIOT nodes. 
> RADVD can announce an IPv6
> prefix (ULA or public) to the nodes, which than can autoconfigure an 
> IPv6 address.
> Please checkout the following repository and the guides in its wiki, 
> for further infos:
> - https://github.com/RIOT-Makers/wpan-raspbian
> - https://github.com/RIOT-Makers/wpan-raspbian/wiki
> Best,
>   Sebastian
>>  On 17. Jan 2018, at 01:32, Iliyan Stoyanov <ilf.stoyanov at gmail.com> 
>> wrote:
>>  Hello,
>>  I have few bluepills with at86rf212b transceivers (my design), 
>> trying to get address from a RPi BR with another at86rf212b 
>> transceiver (OpenWRT).
>>  When I put all devices in the same PAN i can ping the link-local 
>> addresses and they work very well, unfortunately the RIOT nodes do 
>> not solicit Public or ULA addresses. I can not test this with RIOT 
>> as BR, as I don't have a device that can fit the BR example app (my 
>> Bluepills are all 64kb, not 128kb).
>>  I researched the open issues on github and saw that there is a 
>> similar issue with Xbee and OpenLabs' transceiver. Is my issue 
>> similar and if so, can someone point me in the right direction of 
>> fixing it, or is this unrelated and should I open a separate issue 
>> on github?
>>  --ilf
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