[riot-users] [riot users] make term fails with segfault

Felix Pfeifer pfeifer at konstruktiv-berlin.de
Tue Nov 27 10:50:32 CET 2018


I wanted to test RIOT OS for the first time. I followed the
tutorial at https://github.com/RIOT-OS/Tutorials/tree/master/task-01
I can run make all without any errors but as soon as I try
to run make term I get this:

make term
.../Tutorials/task-01/../RIOT/Makefile.include:400: recipe for target
'term' failed
make: *** [term] Segmentation fault

Any ideas how to fix this?



Felix Pfeifer
August & Piela Konstruktiv GbR
Tempelhofer Weg 11-12
10829 Berlin

Tel. 030 9190 5511

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