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Navneet Pandey navneet.pandey at outlook.in
Wed Oct 31 02:34:30 CET 2018

Yes, I am talking about that kind of broadcast.

I also read that it is possible to send a broadcast message with "txtsnd" module as well. So, any solution where I broadcast and all the nodes (radios) in the range listen would work for me.

Note: I did not receive your response to this email in my inbox. I saw the response when I checked the archive. I subscribed to the mailing list this morning only. That could be one of the reason. But, please let me know if there is something I need to do.

Thank you.

Navneet Pandey

From: Navneet Pandey <navneet.pandey at outlook.in>
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Subject: RIOT OS | Packet Broadcast

I would like to know if there is a way to broadcast packets. I would like to broadcast both MAC/radio and UDP packets.
The only relevant information I could find in the documentation was lwmac (found a reference to specify broadcast duration but could not find relevant broadcast method). And found nothing related to UDP.
Thank you.
Navneet Pandey

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