[riot-users] MQTT-SN over xE910 modem?

Trevor jordan.trevor at gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 15:27:37 CEST 2019

Hi Ken,

Yes, I did look at that. In my case I have no network controller - only 
the on board GSM modem. The example uses 6LoWPAN(?) presumably pushing 
packets to a 6LoWPAN/Ethernet gateway. What would I need to do to push 
MQTT packets directly through the modem to a broker somewhere?

On 14/04/2019 14:23, Ken Bannister wrote:
> Hi Trevor,
> Have you looked at the asymcute_mqttsn example in the repository? I 
> have not used it, but 'main.c' in the example includes a UDP endpoint. 
> You also might want to review the PR used to merge it in for any 
> additional discussion.
> Ken
> On 4/14/19 8:13 AM, Trevor wrote:
>> I have a custom board, based loosely on a STK3700 (EFM32GG), that has 
>> a Telit HE910 modem on board. I need to buffer up remote data from a 
>> serial port connected sensor and periodically send that to a FTP server.
>> What I'd /like/ to do, instead of just simply using AT FTP commands 
>> to send the data to a server, is to use this project as an excuse to 
>> gain some experience with IOT protocols and processes. Would it be 
>> possible to use RIOT for this with MQTT-SN? So, publish the serial 
>> data (via a Mosquitto broker) to a subscriber on a local server using 
>> the HE910 modem as the transport mechanism. The subscriber could then 
>> do something more intelligent than simply store the data to a FTP 
>> server. If possible to use riot, what would I need to do to make this 
>> work?
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