[riot-users] TCP API Echo Example Does not Build for ESP8266

Burak Karaduman bburakkaraduman at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 15:29:46 CEST 2019

Well the thing is there are offical example for tcp. If it is not
implemented but an offical example is given on it, then a Warning must be
written to example page. Otherwise, somebody will think that it is
implemented , exampled and ready to run. I hope that it is implemented and
another case causes error. Thanks for your reply.

19 Tem 2019 Cum 14:22 tarihinde Robin <robin at chilio.net> şunu yazdı:

> Hi,
> Burak Karaduman <bburakkaraduman at gmail.com>, 18 Tem 2019 Per, 14:16
> tarihinde şunu yazdı:
>> I had an issue about UDP Echo Server and Client. It is already solved
>> because of module includes.
>> However this time i am sure that i have included necessary modules.
>> Board is esp8266-esp-12x.  I  thought that there might be a problem on
>> TCP API porting for esp8266?
> I am not sure about the state of the TCP API implementation on GNRC, but
> it looks like its not implemented yet. Maybe you should try lwip instead of
> GNRC which implements the API as far as i can see.
> Can someone confirm this? I always worked soley with the UDP
> implementation.
> Robin
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