[riot-users] TCP API Echo Example Does not Build for ESP8266

Robin robin at chilio.net
Fri Jul 19 15:43:06 CEST 2019

On 19.07.19 15:29, Burak Karaduman wrote:
> Well the thing is there are offical example for tcp. If it is not 
> implemented but an offical example is given on it, then a Warning must 
> be written to example page. Otherwise, somebody will think that it is 
> implemented , exampled and ready to run. I hope that it is implemented 
> and another case causes error. Thanks for your reply.

This is an API documentation, not the documentation of an actual 
implementation. The API is (as an example) implemented in the lwip 
network stack.

Also the example only shows the usage of the API and explicitly states 
that you need to include an implementation "First you need toinclude 
module that implements this API in your application's Makefile."

Maybe the hint "For example the implementation forGNRC 
called|gnrc_sock_tcp|." should be removed, since this implementation 
does not exists.

There is an actual TCP implementation for gnrc but no sock_tcp 
implementation (this API). You can use the tcp implementation directly 
without the socket abstraction if you want or switch to lwip and use the 
sock API.

An issue for the missing implementation of the sock API is here[1].



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