[riot-users] TCP API Echo Example Does not Build for ESP8266

Burak Karaduman bburakkaraduman at gmail.com
Fri Jul 19 17:23:36 CEST 2019

Thank you Robin i get the idea and order an esp32 to be work with lwip

19 Tem 2019 Cum 16:43 tarihinde Robin <robin at chilio.net> şunu yazdı:

> On 19.07.19 15:29, Burak Karaduman wrote:
> Well the thing is there are offical example for tcp. If it is not
> implemented but an offical example is given on it, then a Warning must be
> written to example page. Otherwise, somebody will think that it is
> implemented , exampled and ready to run. I hope that it is implemented and
> another case causes error. Thanks for your reply.
> This is an API documentation, not the documentation of an actual
> implementation. The API is (as an example) implemented in the lwip network
> stack.
> Also the example only shows the usage of the API and explicitly states
> that you need to include an implementation "First you need to include
> <https://riot-os.org/api/creating-an-application.html#including-modules> a
> module that implements this API in your application's Makefile."
> Maybe the hint "For example the implementation for GNRC
> <https://riot-os.org/api/group__net__gnrc.html> is called gnrc_sock_tcp."
> should be removed, since this implementation does not exists.
> There is an actual TCP implementation for gnrc but no sock_tcp
> implementation (this API). You can use the tcp implementation directly
> without the socket abstraction if you want or switch to lwip and use the
> sock API.
> An issue for the missing implementation of the sock API is here[1].
> Robin
> [1]https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/issues/10664
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