[riot-users] LwM2M data collection code

Ken Bannister kb2ma at runbox.com
Sat Jul 27 17:53:20 CEST 2019

Is anyone aware of open source application code to orchestrate or use a 
LwM2M client, particularly Wakaama, for data collection in RIOT? The 
work in PR #11036 and #10799 are a good start for use of Wakaama and 
configuration registration. I'm thinking here of a few other things:

  * Higher level abstractions like a sensor Object that might combine
    one of the already defined sensor values like Temperature (3303)
    with Objects for sensor hardware or firmware that might include a
    serial number or a data collection interval. Some of this isn't
    necessarily RIOT specific.
  * Use of LwM2M metadata like data units to construct SenML data payloads.
  * Integration of this metadata with use of SAUL when collecting readings.


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