[riot-users] SPI with SDI only

Peter Kietzmann peter.kietzmann at haw-hamburg.de
Wed Mar 6 22:56:17 CET 2019

Hi Philipp,

Am 28.02.19 um 09:49 schrieb Philipp Blum:
> Hey,
> I have a weird behavior in my application. Maybe somebody has an idea
> what is going on. I am currently writing a driver for an epaper display.
> The display only has slave in. There is another mode where the SDI also
> acts as SDO, but the reference design does not include that.

Is the other mode relevant for your driver? I don't think that you can
easily handle a changing SDI/SDO line in RIOT. Actually, we don't even
provide slave implementations.

> So, I checked my wire before. I just pulsed the CS PIN. I can see it in
> my logic analyser. There is also a short pulse of down-up and up-down
> for SCK and SDI. So, I guess that is the spi_init.
> So, the initialization looks like this:
> |spi_init_pins(config.SPI_BUS); xtimer_usleep(SLEEP_TIME); int cs_init =
> spi_init_cs(config.SPI_BUS, (spi_cs_t) config.CS_PIN); if(cs_init !=
> SPI_OK){ puts("Something went wrong while initializing the SPI bus with
> the CS PIN"); return -1; } |

AFAIK spi_init_pins() is not a function that needs to called manually.
spi_init() initializes all SPI_NUMOF devices during system startup and
it utilizes the spi_init_pins() function.

> The Microcontroller crashs after the initialization. |ISR stack
> overflowed by at least 16 bytes. | I tried it with
> |spi_init_pins(config.SPI_BUS);| alone. That works fine. I am using the
> hardware MOSI SPI pin. I tried both, the GPIO_PIN and SPI_HWCS.
> |gpio_t cs_pin = SPI_HWCS(1); gpio_t cs_pin = GPIO_PIN(1, 12); |

Not 100% sure about the HWCS but if I see it correctly, there is only
one HWCS on the bluepill so it would be SPI_HWCS(0), right?

> Has somebody an idea what it potentielly be? I am developing on a bluepill.

Does test/periph_spi work as expected on your side? I don't have
concrete suggestions right now. Can you point to a branch including test
application to reproduce the issue?


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