[riot-users] Question regarding RIOT-OS Arduino module

afif.abdul51 afif.abdul51 at ui.ac.id
Fri May 3 12:26:50 CEST 2019

Dear RIOT user mailing list,

My name is Afif, i am a student majoring in Computer Engineering and 
currently learning about how to use RIOT-OS for my project. My primary 
objective in this project is creating an NDN-RIOT plant monitoring IoT 
system using Arduino boards. There's some question that i would like to 
ask regarding RIOT-OS.

So here's my question :
1. I was trying to run the arduino-hello world example that was provided 
in RIOT, but when i try to run the program by using "make all" there's 
an error that said the system expect an Arduino board library. Is that 
supposed to happen?
2. I went and change the board in arduino_hello-world from native to my 
arduino-mega2560 but there's another error that said my pyterm didn't 
have serial module. So after few research in the internet i found out i 
need to install pyserial, but even after i installed pyserial in my 
RIOT/dist the problem still remain. Is there something else that i need 
to do?
3. So i try to build my own program using Arduino sys library, my 
program is a simple DHT sensor reader that include DHT library, but it 
seems like there's always a library missing in my program from each 
library include such as Arduino.h and then esp8266_version.h etc. Do i 
need to copy every library from Arduino to my RIOT/sys/arduino/include ?

Can anyone please kindly help me solve this problem? Thank you for your 
attention, your answer is much appreciated.

With utmost respect,

Afif Aziz

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