[riot-users] DEVELHELP flag in Makefiles

Joel Carron joel.carron at heig-vd.ch
Tue May 14 19:40:06 CEST 2019

Hi everyone,

Can someone explain me what this flag in Makefile examples do ?

I just finished an app for a custom board. As my Makefile was based on 
an example, there was still this flag present. As its comment suggests, 
it's for development so I decided to remove it.

After removing it, my application starts normally right after flashing 
my board but as soon as I unplug it from power supply and plug it again, 
the app doesn't start anymore. I flashed the app on a Nucleo-F303RE to 
get some console output but I just get garbage from pyterm. I decided to 
keep this flag as it works flawlessly with it and takes only 4kB more in 
ROM but it could be great if someone knows a little more about it.

What could cause my app on two boards to fail starting without this flag 
? In my app, I use some DEBUG() macros, I start two threads, do some UDP 
packets exchanges with another boards and that's it.

Best regards


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