[riot-users] How to configure RPL on a linux based border gateway?

Philipp Blum philipp-blum at jakiku.de
Tue Oct 22 03:05:19 CEST 2019



I just tested the updated 6LoWPAN BLE adaption layer. Nimble + RIOT
works like a charm and it is simple to use. :) Really happy about it. 
I just have a question about RPL and the border router. I configured a
6LoWPAN network with 5 nodes. All are able to find each other. The root
is connected to my Notebook. I am able to ping the RPL root, but not the
other nodes. I can only reach all nodes within the RPL network. So, I
guess my Notebook also needs to be part of the RPL network in order to
route down the packages to the leafs, right? So, how can I configure my
linux in order to be part of the RPL network? And how should I bridge
the network to the outside world? Or should the nordic connected to my
Notebook be the root? If it needs to be the root, how can I configure
this node to route all packages from my notebook down and all packages
coming from the leafs up? (Only, if the address is not within the RPL
network, of course.) To make it short: How do I need to configure my
border gateway so that all nodes have access to the outside world and
the outside world to my nodes? 
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