[riot-users] List of sensor IoT standards

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Fri Oct 25 17:09:35 CEST 2019

Philipp Blum <philipp-blum at jakiku.de> wrote:
    > I have some devices which collect some data. A connected scale for
    > example. I am not really happy that all of these data are collect in
    > some "Cloud" application of some random provider. I even don't know if
    > this provider still exists in 10 years. So, my idea: Why can't I use a
    > local server (Rpi or something) and collect all my data there? All
    > devices are connected to this one Gateway. 6LoWPAN and RPL is perfect
    > for it. Just add BLE and you can connect all devices. So, I just wanted
    > to know if there are some kinds of standards to make this as flexible as
    > possible. Specification how the data should look like and what transport
    > layer should be used? QUIC?  etc.

You are now alone.
I too want that.

I recommend you check out the IETF (IRTF actually), T2TRF, and look at the
SENML specifications.   It includes specifications for sending data,
including dealing with questions about what units they are in.

There are also various industry-specific consortia, but they tend to be
closed and often terribly stupid.

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