[riot-users] Large scale binary testing and debugging with IoT-Lab?

Kevin Weiss kevin.weiss at haw-hamburg.de
Mon Sep 9 09:28:49 CEST 2019

If you don't know already


There is also an iot-lab-users (users at iot-lab.info) mailing list when 
you sign up.
That is probably a bit more accurate though many iot-lab guys are also 
on the riot-users list.


On 08.09.19 15:44, Philipp Blum wrote:
> Dear RIOT-users,
> there was a session about testing with PhiLIP. Someone also showed how 
> simple you can deploy a binary remotely with IoT-LAB. This is 
> fascinating. Especially to connect it later to Murdock. So I basically 
> want to do the same. I already have a problem to find how I can set up 
> my private IoT-Lab instance.
> I would like to deploy remotely a cluster of nRF52 boards or STM32F1. 
> There is also a Foren6 integration in IoT-LAB. This sounds also 
> interesting for me.
> Can someone point me to the right place? :)
> best regards
> Philipp
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