[riot-users] Large scale binary testing and debugging with IoT-Lab?

Philipp Blum philipp-blum at jakiku.de
Fri Sep 13 09:46:15 CEST 2019


My point is I want to set up a private one. Not publicly available. With
an own dedicated web platform. Let's say: I have a company and I would
like to develop some new software for my products. So, I should be able
to test them on my devices. Maybe this company has even different type
of devices. The documentation didn't help that much, so far. 

Am 2019-09-12 20:26, schrieb Michael Richardson: 

> Philipp Blum <philipp-blum at jakiku.de> wrote:
>> I would like to deploy remotely a cluster of nRF52 boards or STM32F1.
>> There is also a Foren6 integration in IoT-LAB. This sounds also
>> interesting for me.
> It seems that there are now many different IoT testing labs.
> F-Interop from INRIA, and a few others that I recall hearing about, and now
> Brian's system.   Does someone have a list, and some amount of comparison?
> Questions that would abound would include:
> 1) who can use it?
> 2) how is it funded?
> 3) what processors are there, what kind of stimulations are available?
> 4) can they be used remotely?
> 5) what embedded OSes are supported, recommended, tolerated?
> My interest is in testing RPL extensions, as well as doing real-life BRSKI
> testing with 6tisch.  Brian's efforts seem to be directed at things like
> SPI/I2C, while F-interop is more about radios.
> (If nobody has a list, I could start a page) 
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