[riot-users] Regarding qemu emulation of ESP8266 elf executables

Burak Karaduman bburakkaraduman at gmail.com
Fri Sep 13 21:46:55 CEST 2019

When you build your appliction just go in to your appdirectory you will see
a folder named esp88266-esp-12x is created. Then go into this folder you
will see your elf file.

13 Eyl 2019 Cum 20:34 tarihinde Jean Luc Antoine Olivier Fobe <
jeanfobe at ime.usp.br> şunu yazdı:

> Hi all,
>    I am currently developing IoT attack scenarios based on Chen's work
> (Chen, K., Zhang, S., Li, Z., Zhang, Y., Deng, Q., Ray, S., & Jin, Y.
> (2018). Internet-of-Things Security and Vulnerabilities: Taxonomy,
> Challenges, and Practice. Journal of Hardware and Systems Security, 2(2),
> 97–110.). I read the documentation page at
> http://doc.riot-os.org/group__cpu__esp8266.html  that describes how
> generating an elf for the ESP8266 could be run on qemu, however, I was not
> successful in doing so.
>   My doubts are how is this elf being generated, could it be adapted from
> Arduino-IDE build process, and if so where should changes be made?
>   If there is anybody that can help me with this, or successfully managed
> to emulate any of these elfs, please let me know.
> Kind regards,
> Jean Fobe
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