[riot-users] Reminder: Register to the RIOT forum!

Koen Zandberg koen at bergzand.net
Fri Feb 5 10:46:19 CET 2021

Dear RIOTers,

Here is anotherreminder to register at the forum dedicated to RIOT:
https://forum.riot-os.org/ <https://forum.riot-os.org/>
Please note that thismailing list isscheduled to close on *10th of
We thus invite you to register to the forum as soon as possible.
You can post your next messages there, instead of on this mailing list.

*Email archive migration**:*
As of yesterday afternoon, all email discussions archived from this list
have been migrated to the forum. 
The migrated discussions can be found in archive subcategories of the
'help' and 'development' categories.

*Email interaction as of 2021:*
We leave noone behind:
if you have a strong preference for email interaction still, simple
settings in Discourse enable posting and receiving forum messages via
email [2].

Looking forward to see you on the Forum!


[2]: https://forum.riot-os.org/t/riot-forum-as-a-mailing-list/46
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